Lithuanian Foundation Project Grants

Application & Guidelines
LF grant applications will be accepted January 15 – April 1, 2018.

The Lithuanian Foundation is dedicated to supporting projects that contribute to the preservation of the Lithuanian heritage. As such, the Foundation concentrates its resources on those projects that demonstrate the potential for far reaching benefits to the Lithuanian community and the community at large. The Foundation gives priority and  invests in new, innovative programs as well as established programs in the émigré community, with an eye to supporting those grant requests that collaborate with other programs to provide a synergistic benefit to the community. In striving to achieve these goals, the Foundation concentrates its giving in the following areas:

Education:  The Foundation believes that education will ensure the continuity of the richness of our Lithuanian heritage.  Therefore, we favor programs that contribute to the strengthening of our heritage school system as well as research that enriches the knowledge base for future generations.

Culture:  The Foundation believes that the Lithuanian culture is the bond that unites us.  Therefore, we favor projects that accentuate the vibrancy of the Lithuanian culture and invest in projects that create opportunities for cultural expression and a venue for broad participation.

Community:  The Foundation believes that it indeed “takes a village”. Therefore we favor projects that unite and augment the community and invest in projects that create a vital means of partnership for those who value the Lithuanian heritage.

Youth: The Foundation believes that the future of the heritage rests in the hearts of our youngest members. Therefore we favor projects that instill a love of culture and a sense of community in the younger generation and consider it crucial to invest in the support of youth organizations, summer camps, artistic performances geared to younger audiences and the like.

The project funding decisions are made based on  LF Grants Commission Guidelines.


The Foundation will  not consider the following types of grant requests:

  1. Routine organizational/operational and/or travel expenses.
  2. Private for profit businesses, for profit organizations or for profit individuals.(Specific non-profit projects may be submitted by the for profit sector, only if accompanied by a detailed explanation of how the project meets non-profit requirements as well as detailed description of how non-profit funds will be segregated from the for-profit funds).
  3. Organizations in the USA that do not have valid “federal tax exempt” or “not-for-profit” status.
  4. Governmental agencies, institutions or political organizations.
  5.  Lithuanian organizations in the USA requesting funding for capital improvements or repair of buildings and infrastructure if they are not the sole legal owners of the property.
  6. Personal charitable support is not provided.

Remark: According to the data of recent years, the maximum amount of LF grant support provided to a single project, didn’t exceed $35,000.

How to apply

The Foundation uses an electronic application process which requires that all specific supplementary files/documentation be uploaded to the application before the application can be submitted.  All supporting documentation must be in Lithuanian or English.  A translation must accompany documents in any other language. Completion of the application form in Lithuanian is preferred, though not required. Applicants may submit their completed application with all required attachments at any time after the posting of the 2018 grant application. However, in order to be considered for the current granting period, completed applications must be submitted by  midnight (11:59 p.m.) April 1, 2018. 

Recommended steps

Register as a grant applicant using this LF Grant Application link below. Only those who are registered on this site will receive any special notices by email. 



Request/obtain all other required documentation in time to be uploaded to to the appropriate part of the application and submitted by April 1.  You will need to upload:

  1. Completed “2018 PROJEKTO SĄMATA_PROJECT BUDGET” form (PDF or WORD).
  2. Completed “2018 ŽINIASKLAIDA_MEDIA” form. (PDF or Word). ONLY if you are applying as a member of  media.
  3. Organizations 2017 end of the year financial balance sheet.
  4. Copy of the Articles of Incorporation (USA) or registration document stating purpose of organization (outside USA).
  5. Copy of the latest IRS 990 form (USA).
  6. IRS letter showing certification of Federal tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of Internal Revenue Code (USA).


In order to change for the application from “draft” status, applicants should  click “submit”.  If any of the required documentation is missing, the submission will not go through.  Applicants should, therefore, begin collecting required documentation as soon as possible.  If technical difficulties interfere with attachment of a document, the Foundation must be contacted by email at by March 25.

Applications received after April 1 will be deemed late and will not be considered by the Grants Commission.  Deadlines and information regarding the second 2018 grant allocation will be provided later.

Review Process

All requested documentation submitted by the application deadline will be reviewed by the LF Grants Commission, which might also request supplementary documentation during the review process.  The Grants Commission, comprised of 3 members from the Lithuanian Foundation and 3 members from the Lithuanian American Community, Inc., meets  to review all grant applications received by the deadline and make recommendations for funding.  Scholarship recommendations made by the Scholarship Sub-commission are also reviewed. The decisions are made based on  LF Grants Commission Guidelines.

Approval of Grants and Payments

After all scholarship and project grant recommendations are finalized by the Grants Commission, they are presented to the Lithuanian Foundation Board of Directors, which has final approval.

Applicants will receive a notification  by email or post of whether a grant has been approved.  Results of first allocation will be announced June  13-30, 2018, second allocation – December 5-30, 2018.  If a grant is approved, the applicant will be asked to complete electronic “Final project report” form assigned to the application on  the LF Grant portal, to present receipts and other documentation indicating that the funds were used for the purposes it was granted.  After pay-out is approved by the Chairman of the Grants Commission, checks are issued only in the name indicated on the application and mailed to the said address.

The Foundation can only fund a fraction of the requests that are received.  In some cases, excellent proposals cannot be funded because they fall outside of the Foundation’s current focus or because of funding limitations.  A denial of a funding is not a reflection on the applicant or the value of the project.

Additional information

Applicants who completed online applications in 2017 (or earlier) can log on using the same user name and password and print the packet to see information from previous years.  The packet will be in PDF format.  If you have not saved uploaded documents in your computer, you can select portions of the PDF and copy/paste into separate documents.  If you sent documents you need for the current application process directly to the Foundation office by mail, you will not be able to see them.



Updated: 06/01/2017



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